Dry Cleaning Delivery - Practically Perfect in Every Way

Alteration Pricing

Item Price
Tack a Hem (1 pant leg) $6.00
Tack a Hem (Both pant legs) $12.00
Tack a Hem, lined (1 pant leg) $8.00
Tack a Hem, lined (Both pant legs) $16.00
Hem (Pants) $12.00
Cuff Hem $15.00
Skirt/Dress Hem Tack $30.00
Skirt/Dress Hem $30.00
Zipper Replacement $15.00
Zipper Repair (Pants & Skirts) $32.00
Zipper Repair (Jackets) $25.00
Seam Repair $8.00
Button Replacements (Shirts) $2.00
Button Replacements (Pants – customer should provide buttons or indicate
they are ok with tailor selection)
Prices vary from $2 to $4
Hook and Eye Replacements $12.00
Hook and Eye Repair $5.00
Shortening of Sleeves (Jackets – prices based on button relocation) $36.00
Tapering of Pants $26.00
Waist Take-In $16.00

Shoe service is also available. Call or email for pricing.